How to Sync a Godox TT600 with an XPro

In this post I’d like to explain how to make a Godox transmitter communicate with a Godox hotshoe flash. Specifically, how to sync a Godox TT600 with an XPro transmitter.

This post is the next in the series about off-camera flash. I’m trying to answer the most frequently asked question: how to connect or sync a transmitter with a hotshoe flash. 

Let’s start with the TT600

If you turn the Godox TT600 on, you will see that it’s in Manual mode. It already has a power setting, and a zoom setting. We’re going to set it to Slave mode. 

Radio Slave

Press and hold the MODE button until you see the antenna blinking. Then rotate the wheel until you see the “S” icon, press SET. This flash is now in Radio Slave mode. 

Godox TT600 – MODE Button
Godox TT600 – Radio Slave Mode

You can see that the front of the flash is blinking. You cannot turn this off. It is the visual indicator that the flash is in Radio Slave mode. 

We now need to make a couple decisions. What channel do we use? And, what group does this flash belong to?

Set the Channel

I strongly suggest you avoid channel number 1. Why? Because it is the default and many people keep using it. If you are in a place where somebody else is using a similar system, other transmitters may interfere with yours.

So, we change the channel by pressing and holding the Gr/CH button and then rotating the wheel.

Godox TT600 – GrCH Button
Godox TT600 – Channel 9

I like using channel 9. There is no particular reason for it, I just like the number, it is my lucky number. You have 32 channels to choose from, so you have a lot of options.

Set the Group

Then, we’re going to choose a group for this flash. We’re going to press the Gr/CH button once, and you can see that the group changes. Every time you press the button, the group changes to the next letter. We have five options in the Godox TT600, from the letter A to letter E.

Let’s choose group A.

The flash is now ready to receive orders from a transmitter on Channel 9, directed towards anything on group A.

If there are orders directed towards Group B or C or D or E, this flash will ignore those orders. This flash will only follow the orders directed towards group A.

Let’s setup the XPro

When we turn the Godox XPro on we can see a battery indicator and the current channel.

Set the Channel

In order to change the channel, we press and hold the button labeled as Zm/CH, until the channel number is highlighted. We then rotate the wheel to the same channel as we set on the flash. Otherwise, the flash won’t fire. 

Godox XPro – ZmCH Button
Godox XPro – Channel 9

So, we set it to channel 9.

Select Group

There are five buttons on the Godox XPro to select groups. We press the first one to select group A.

Godox XPro – Select Group
Set Mode

Once we select a group, we need to press the MODE button to toggle between Off/TTL/Manual modes. We need to use Manual mode for this group, because the flash we’re using (TT600) is Manual-only.

Godox XPro – MODE button
Set Power

Once the group A is in Manual mode, we can rotate the wheel on the transmitter to change the group’s power setting. Let’s set it to 1/16 power and press SET.

Godox XPro – Power Setting

Let’s try it out! If you press the test button, labeled with a thunderbolt, you should see that the TT600 fires.

Test With Camera

Now, let’s place the transmitter on a camera. I tested with a Fujifilm X-E3 set to 1/180th of a second (the camera’s max sync-speed), ISO 200 and f/5.6. if I press the shutter button the flash fires.

Test on Camera
Alex Close Up


Let’s take a look at the steps again, shall we?

On the Flash:

  • Set it to Radio Slave mode
  • Choose a Channel
  • Assign flash to a Group

On the Transmitter:

  • Set the same Channel
  • Select Group
  • Set Group’s mode
  • Set Group’s power

And there you have it! You learned how to sync a Godox TT600 with an XPro transmitter.

I really hope you found this post interesting, informative but also entertaining. If that is the case, please leave a comment below and share this post with your friends! But most of all, please remember to Stay Safe, Keep Learning and Keep Creating.

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