An Update on my Setback

Getting fired and robbed on the same day was no fun. However, I have an update on my setback, describing how I’m getting back on my feet.

Things have improved quite a bit, in large part thanks to all the support that I received. First, I made an inventory of the things I still had and made a plan of how to use them, then I scheduled a shoot to test their combination of small camera, kit lens, cable trigger and flash.

I’ve also learned a lot about post-processing on an iPad, which I think will be a future post.

After that, I updated my configuration with radio triggers and attended a models and photographers meetup to test again, this time with fantastic results. I’m back! Am I?

You can listen to the whole thing in the following video, where I talk about all these experiences and the camera that I’m using.

Again, thanks to all the people who offered some sort of support. I seriously appreciate it.

Remember, keep learning and keep shooting!

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