2018: The Year in Summary

How was your year? Let me tell you about mine 😉

If 2017 was a year of changes and challenges, 2018 was a year of simplification, teaching and, fortunately, a lot of work!


2018 started with me handling two websites and two brands, with their corresponding social networks, email addresses, newsletters… and a lot of work because of it. I enjoy the hard work, don’t get me wrong, but I was spending too much time handling all the support activities for two brands/websites, and not enough time on my work.

That’s why I decided to simplify my workload, consolidate all my activities under one brand, give it more impact, and put a face on the brand. Alex silva photography is my brand now :-)


In 2018 I taught even more! I was assigned more classes at one university and new classes at a second one, the largest in my hometown! I also offered one of my live workshops, which I had not done in a year or so.

Sharing what I know makes me really happy, so all these opportunities to teach are a blessing, and it’s an opportunity to try and make other people’s live better.


I shot quite a bit! Mostly portraits, but also products and architecture, as well as a bit of fashion and video advertisements. Of course, I photographed my students at work. I shared some of these shoots in my website, and you should expect to see even more of my shoots there.


Whether it was through my services or sharing my photography knowledge, I found ways to reach and help more people. My facebook page has now 563 followers, while 470 people follow me on Instagram and I’m now past 130 subscribers on YouTube. To all of you who follow me, thank you! You’re the reason for me to write on the blog and record my videos :-D


Of course! There were challenges in 2018, not everything was perfect! I got more teaching opportunities but I ended up neglecting my business a little, so I realized I needed to make some adjustments.

I started a 52 week project and failed after a few weeks. I was trying to do too many  things at the same time so I stopped.

In general terms, 2018 was a great year with different challenges but with a clearer focus on what’s ahead. Again, thank you!

So, what’s coming in 2019? You’ll see ;-)

How was 2018 for you? Share in the comments section.

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