5 Reasons Why I Think Godox V1 Pro is Great (And 3 Questions I Have)

There’s a new Godox hot shoe flash in town! Here’s why I think the Godox V1 Pro flash is great.

By now you probably know that I use Fujifilm cameras and Godox flashes. Godox just released a new hot shoe flash, the V1 Pro. It looks very interesting to me, but I still have some questions about it.

Please, notice my opinion is based on specifications and I don’t have a unit with me yet. I’ll write another post once I buy and use one. At the time of this writing the Godox V1 Pro is not yet available, but you can pre-order yours (rebranded as Flashpoint Zoom Li-on X PRO R2 TTL) here.

In the meantime, here’s why I like the V1 Pro

Familiar Design

The Godox V1 Pro looks pretty much like its predecessor, the V1. It should feel familiar to any users of the recent Godox hot shoe flashes like the previous V1, V860III V850II, TT685II. The button layout is very similar, as  well as the menus.

One of the main new features in the V1 Pro is the slide to switch between TTL and Manual. This kind of control was already present in the V860III, introduced around 2 years ago.

USB-C Charging

When I first saw this I got really excited. You can now recharge the battery of the V1 Pro while it’s in the flash, using a USB-C cable. This connection goes directly to the battery, not to a port on the flash. 

Of course, you can use the charger, which also uses a USB-C cable. Or, you can just take the battery and connect it directly to a cable, without it being minted to the flash or in a charger. I think it’s pretty convenient.

According to the manual, this  new battery model is still interchangeable with the V1, V850III and V860III’s batteries. Nice!

The Godox V1 Pro Has a Sub-Flash!

One of my favorite flashes ever was the Metz 58 AF-1. It’s now discontinued but one of my favorite features was the secondary flash. It was a small flash emitter located on the front side of the flash body. It could be used as a fill flash when the flash was on-camera and you bounced the light from a ceiling or wall.

It turns out, the Godox V1 Pro also has a secondary flash, located at the front of the flash body. I love the functionality, but it comes with its limitations.

Godox V1 Pro firing sub-flash

The sub-flash only works when the V1 is on-camera. It doesn’t work when the V1 Pro is in Radio Master, Radio Slave nor Optical Slave modes. It’s also detachable, which may be convenient for some people but easy to lose for some other folks.

External Battery

I must confess I never realized that the V1, V860III and V850III didn’t have an external battery port. I was simply used to the AA powered versions of these flashes, which do have the battery port, and I didn’t think much about it.

Seeing the port on the new Godox V1 Pro really brings a smile to my face. You don’t have to worry about being able to cover a long event with one battery. The PB960 external battery pack has you covered.

Godox V1 Pro with PB960 Battery Pack

Heat Dissipation

Godox claims to have improved the thermal diffusion on the V1 Pro, so that you can now fire up to 100 continuous shots at full power. Again, this is great news for photographers covering day-long events. 

If you shoot weddings, for example, you won’t have to worry about your flash overheating in the middle of the couple’s first dance.

Along with those features, I also have 3 questions about the Godox V1 Pro.


The physical controls of the V1 were criticized in the past because they feel flimsy and fragile. Has Godox improved on the feel and sturdiness of the controls?

What about the battery? Can you still use the AD100 Pro battery on the V1 Pro?

I haven’t used the PB960 in a long time so I have a question, what are the necessary cables to connect the PB960 with the V1 Pro? I seem to remember it was a bit confusing.


It seems the Godox V1 Pro is, yet again, a seriously capable hot shoe flash from Godox. The new features and specs look great, but I think we need some answers before giving a final verdict.

Have you used this flash already? Share your experience in the comments section!

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