The Godox X Nano is Awesome!

There’s a new Godox transmitter in town! These are my thoughts on the Godox X Nano transmitter.

If you’ve followed this blog for a while, you know that I use Fujifilm cameras and Godox flashes. Well, Godox just released their latest transmitter, the X Nano, and I think it’s a great product.

Please, notice my opinion is based on specifications and I don’t have one of these transmitters yet. I’ll write another post once I buy and use one. Also notice that, at the time of this writing, the X Nano is not yet available but you can preorder yours (rebranded as Flashpoint R2 Nano) at Adorama.

In the meantime, here’s what I think about the Godox X Nano.

Size Matters

The Godox X Nano seems to be just the right size. Not too big, not too small. It’s very light and it includes Manual, TTL, Multi, HSS and TCM. Godox really packed a lot of power in a small device!

Godox X Nano Transmitter
Godox X Nano Transmitter

You could argue that there are small transmitters from other brands on the market. I used to rock the RadioPopper Nano, which is super small. However, the RadioPopper Nano only works in Manual mode, sends a simple signal, and it has no control over channels or groups.

RadioPopper Starter Kit (Transmitter and Receiver)
RadioPopper Starter Kit (Transmitter and Receiver)

Another competitor, when it comes to size, is the Profoto Connect. It is very small, but you need a smartphone to assign groups, set power, modes and the rest of its functions. This leads to the next great point about the Godox X Nano

Touchscreen and Interface

In my experience, Godox has improved the interface of their transmitters with every new iteration. I found the X2T easier to use than the X1T, the XPro II easier than the XPro. 

The X Nano follows this trend.. Based on the manuals and specs, the X Nano is even easier to use. One key factor for this ease-of-use seems to be its touch screen, which is precise and responsive.

The screen and interface remind me of the Apple watch, with a rotating button on the side and a screen for its main functions. In many cases, like when you want to adjust power on a group, you can either slide your finger on the screen or rotate the crown, err, side-button to select power. It looks pretty intuitive to me.

Wider Compatibility

When I started using off-camera flash I got used to having 3 groups to assign flashes to. Then I learned about systems that were capable of controlling 5 groups. Last summer, when I read about the Godox XPro II, I was a bit surprised when I learned it can control 16 groups and I thought it was a new feature.

It turns out, some Godox studio strobes are capable of using 16 groups already. So, the X Nano gives you the possibility of using a wider array of Godox flashes, not only hot shoe flashes or the AD series. 

I think it’s great for us photographers that Godox reminds us about their studio flashes.

Physical Design

The X1T is a bit big, but its screen is small and at an odd position. The XPro’s screen has a better angle for me and it’s easy to read, but it makes the transmitter feel big and top-heavy. I know, we’re talking about grams, but every gram counts when you carry a camera for a long period of time.

Some time ago I considered using the Godox XT32 transmitter because of its size, weight  and angled screen, but it was only available for Canon and Nikon, and it only worked in Manual mode.

Godox XT32 Transmitter
Godox XT32 Transmitter

I think the Godox X Nano has the right size, weight, screen size and angle. 


As I mentioned before, I’m writing this opinion only based on the specifications. I’ll buy a unit and tell you all about it after I use the Godox X Nano for a few shoots. In the meantime, I can’t wait to have my hands on it!

I really hope you found this post interesting, informative but also entertaining. If that is the case, please leave a comment below and share this post with your friends! But most of all, please remember to Stay Safe, Keep Learning and Keep Creating.

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