Answering Your Godox X1T Questions

After posting the setup videos for my Godox and Metz flashes, I received a few questions about the whole flash system, so I’ll try to answer them starting with the Godox X1T.

A few months ago I posted a few videos about setting up the different flashes that I own, from the Metz 52 AF-1 to the Godox TT350, TT685 and the X1T transmitter. I received a few questions in the form of YouTube comments and emails, so I decided to write blog posts/post videos answering those questions.

I compiled the questions, classified them, did some research and decided to start with the questions related to the Godox X1T transmitter.

How to Sync the X1T with a Godox flash?

It’s pretty simple, actually. Both the X1T and the flash need to be On. Then, the flash needs to be in Radio Slave mode. The TT685 and other Godox flashes have an Optical Slave mode (S1 or S2), but that won’t work with the X1T.

The next step is to set both the flash and the transmitter on the same channel. I like to use channel 9, but use the one you prefer. Please notice that Godox hotshoe flashes have 16 channels, while the X1T has 32. Channels 17-32 are available with Godox studio strobes.

Once you have selected the channel on both flash and transmitter, let’s set the flash to a Group, which may be A, B, or C. If you’re synchronizing with a Godox studio strobe, you also have groups D and E available.

Finally, you can select a group on the X1T and, pressing the Mode button you can switch that group from being Off, in TTL mode or in Manual mode. In TTL mode you can then set the flash exposure compensation, while in Manual mode you can set the power setting.

You’re ready to work!

Will a Flash Sync if you place it on the Godox X1T hotshoe?

Short answer is: No. If you place a Godox flash on the X1T hotshoe, turn both on and press the transmitter’s Test button you will see the flash firing, but that doesn’t mean they are in sync. The X1T hotshoe only sends a simple firing signal, but not a control signal, so it doesn’t really communicate with the flash.

Will a Fujifilm EF-X8 work if you place it on the X1T hotshoe?

No. The Fujifilm EF-X8 doesn’t have batteries, it gets power from the Fujifilm cameras that it’s placed on and even has an extra pin for it. Since the X1T hotshoe is for simple firing signals, well it just has no way to send power nor control signals to the EF-X8.

So, what is the Godox X1T hotshoe for?

You can fire a flash in manual mode from the X1T hotshoe. In this case you would fire the flash on top of the X1T and the ones you’re controlling with it.

You can also place another transmitter on the X1T hotshoe, mixing two radio-based flash systems. Will it work right away? It depends because the signals from both transmitters may interfere with each other, affecting power, control or both.

And there you have it. Those were the frequently asked questions about the X1T, so far.

Do you have an X1T? Would you like to add your own question to this list? Please, leave it in the comments section :-)

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