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It turns out, novice photographers are not the only ones interested in getting new cameras. If you are a more experienced photographer and you wonder what camera should you buy next, I have a few recommendations.

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The Rules

First, let’s define the target for this list and their requirements. An Enthusiast is a person who:

  • Shoots around once a week
  • Sometimes gets paid for their images but doesn’t live off photography
  • Needs a tougher camera body that can shoot many kinds of events
  • Wants to upgrade his/her gear
  • Has a budget US$650 to US$1,500 for a camera body.

What camera should you buy next if you’re an enthusiast? Here we go:


Canon EOS 80D

80D or 77D. Almost the same camera, except the 80D has a more rugged body, shoots slightly faster at 7 fps vs 6 of the 77D, and shoots more 1390 images vs 820 of the 77D. Another option in this category is the 6D, but it’s an outdated model so it will be out of service sooner.

Canon EOS 77D


Nikon D7500

D7500 or D750. APS-C vs Full frame cameras. Both are excellent, but have important differences. The D750 is 24 Mpx and shoots 6 fps, while the D7500 is 20 Mpx but shoots 8 fps and shoots video at 4K. Please note some lenses may not work with the D750, but this restriction is mostly limited to the DX lenses.

Nikon D750


Sony a6500

a6500 or a7 II. Again, APS-C vs Full frame. Both are great, have 24 Mpx sensors and use E-mount lenses, although the a7 II requires the full frame versions. Both use the same battery pack and rated to similar numbers of images, 310 vs 350. The main differences are price and form-factor.

Sony a7 II


Fujifilm X-E3

X-E3 vs X-T20. Specs for these cameras are virtually identical at 24 Mpx, 8 fps, 4K video, 350 images per charge… the main difference is the form factor, with the X-T20 being similar to an SLR, while the X-E3 is like a rangefinder.

Fujifilm X-T20

Micro Four Thirds

Panasonic Lumix GX8

Selecting enthusiast’s cameras is tricky for micro four thirds. Both Panasonic and Olympus have great offerings, but if I had to choose only one from each brand I’d go with the Panasonic GX8 and Olympus OM-D E-M5 Mark II, mostly because both are recent models in their respective brands and both use the latest 20 Mpx sensor. The main difference is that the Panasonic shoots 4K video, while the Olympus shoots Full HD.

Olympus OM-D E-M5 Mark II

And there you have it! Stop wondering what camera should you buy next, upgrade and keep learning, keep shooting! Please notice all these are affiliate links, so if you buy using them I get a small commision at no extra cost for you.

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