Jump Into Off-Camera Flash Using These Kits!

If you’re looking for an off-camera flash kit, search no more! I made three kits at different price points. Keep reading to take a look at them.

Off-camera flash is this technique in which you light a scene using a flash, and the flash is mounted off-camera. This way you can choose the flash’s position and orientation. Off-camera flash usually requires a way for the camera to communicate with the flash, and this is usually achieved with radio transmitters.

What Is an Off-Camera Flash Kit?

In this post I’d like to share with you three different off-camera flash kits that you can assemble at three different price points. Every off-camera flash kit includes

  • one flash
  • one transmitter
  • a support for the flash
  • a modifier
  • anything that you may need to hold the modifier

I considered two brands of flashes: Godox and Westcott. I think these two brands provide a good balance between quality and cost.

Entry Level

Let’s get started! The first option could set you back between US$200 and US$500.

This includes a regular, 7 foot light stand, a translucent (shoot through) umbrella, and the bracket to hold everything together, all in a bundle.

Umbrella Stand Bracket Bundle

This combination of light stand, bracket and umbrella should cost about US$65.

If you decide to go with the TT600 flash from Godox and the XPro transmitter (available for Canon, Sony, Nikon, Fujifilm, Micro 4/3, and Pentax) the whole kit will set you back US$200. 

Godox TT600/Flashpoint Zoom R2 Manual
Godox XPro/Flashpoint R2 Pro

If you decide to go with the Westcott FJ80 flash and the corresponding transmitter, the Westcott FJ-X2m, the whole kit should set you back around US$500.

Westcott FJ80
Westcott FJ-X2m

Enthusiast Level

The intermediate kit has a price range between US$725 with Godox gear, and US$805 with Westcott gear.

The first recommendation is a 7-foot, air-cushioned, heavy-duty, light stand. I really love these light stands because they are air-cushioned. This means that at some point, if you loosen one of the support joints, your light will not just bump to the floor or to the lower level, but it will descend slowly, protecting your gear.

7ft Air-Cushioned Light Stand
S2 Bracket
36 inch Octabox

We’re going to add a 90cm (36 inch) octabox, and an S2 bracket. The flash option that I’m suggesting for this level is the Godox AD200 Pro, along with the XPro transmitter.

Godox AD200 Pro/Flashpoint eVOLV 200 Pro

On the Westcott side of things, you could use the Wescott FJ200 and the same transmitter, the FJ-X2m.

Westcott FJ200


Finally, at a more professional level if you will, a kit will set you back around US$900, regardless of the flash brand that you decide to go with.

In this case I’m suggesting a 13-foot, air cushioned, light stand with a boom arm. These are just amazing! I love them! This is a light stand with a transversal arm that allows you to place, let’s say, a light modifier on top of your talent. However the light stand won’t stand in your way, it is actually on the side. It’s so convenient, it’s great! It’s not super expensive, considering the price of light stands, but it’s great and it’s incredibly convenient. Also if, for some reason you don’t need to use the boom arm in the horizontal position, you can extend it up to 13 feet high. 

13ft Air Cushioned Boom Light Stand
60 inch Octabox

I’m going to add here a 150cm (60 inch) octabox, I think this is from Glow. For this kit we’re going to use a way more powerful light. It is the Godox AD400 Pro, along with the XPro transmitter.

Godox AD400 Pro/Flashpoint XPLOR 400 Pro

On the Westcott side of things, you could go with the Westcott FJ400 and the corresponding transmitter the FJ-X2m.

Westcott FJ400

Summary and Notes

I just mentioned some price ranges for each one of these kits, however consider that if you’re watching this around Black Friday sales of 2021, Adorama has quite a few discounts or sale prices so, many of these kits that I just mentioned will actually be even cheaper.

And there you have it! You now have options for an off-camera flash kit at three different price points. 

I really hope you found this post interesting, informative but also entertaining. If that is the case, please leave a comment below and share this post with your friends! But most of all, please remember to Stay Safe, Keep Learning and Keep Creating.

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