You Need a New Hobby

I need a new hobby, and probably you do too. Keep reading to learn why.

If you’re like me, photography started as a hobby for you. You practiced quite a bit, refined your skills, and then started earning a bit of money from photography. So, what do you do in your spare time?

My Story

Nowadays, I’m earning my full income from photography or teaching photography but it wasn’t always like that. I studied software engineering in college, graduated in 1994 but had worked in software development since 1991. I worked first as a software developer and analyst, then as project manager for close to 26 years.

Photography started as a hobby in the year 2000, then in 2006 I started charging for my work, so photography became this business that I had on the side and which provided extra income, enough to pay for the new gear. Still, photography was more of a hobby for me even then, I did it as a creative outlet to relax.

Almost two years ago I made the decision not to work in information technologies any more and fully work as a photographer. It has been great so far, but I came to realize something.

My Passion is Now My Job

There’s nothing wrong with your passion becoming your profession. I think it’s the best way to work. However, even though you’re doing something you love, it’s still important to be able to disconnect from it and having spare time for yourself, to keep a balanced life.

You Need a New Hobby

You have probably heard stories about burnt out youtubers, or photographers or writers. People who, even though they do what they love, they worked so hard for so long that they are now as stressed or more as if they had a regular, stressing job.

In my case, I’m taking up drawing in my spare time, as well as working out. I loved drawing as a kid and it now provides a creative outlet outside my business. Drawing helps me disconnect for the pressures of the business in my off hours, and working out keeps me healthier in general terms.

But, if I’m doing something that I love (photography), what are those business pressures? Well, when you have a photography business, the least you do is photograph. You need to keep an eye on marketing, sales, contracts, product delivery, customer relationships, invoices, bills… You don’t have to do everything, but you need to be on top of things with your team, and that may be stressing.

So, if you are now a small business owner in your passionate field, my main advice is: make sure you set time aside to relax, and make sure you have an activity assigned to those times, in order to keep a healthy balance in your body and mind.

I took up drawing, what is your new hobby?

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